Consultation Services

this screen is for use after you have agreed a timetable for naturopathy consultation


Before you can use our Skype Naturopathy Consultation Service, you will need to have done the following  (If not already on your PC / Tablet  / Smart Phone) : -

Downloaded Skype off the internet. it is free and why we use Skype is the connection you will make with us is free also.... using skype will only cost your the price of your internet service, which you are paying anyway. Here is the Link  -  remember to select the correct device



  • 1: Install “Skype” on your device (PC / Tablet / Smart Phone)  and set up your identity in Skype
  • 2: Connect a web camera
  • 3: Connect a microphone
  • 4: Check they are functioning correctly - To check, use the Skype / Options / General Settings  and then test the audio settings and video settings

Finally, network connection -  Your network connection needs to be powerful enough (speed / bandwidth) to handle Skype ( a dial-up connection is unlikely to be sufficient - we use a broadband domestic connection, which is powerful enough for us to “skype” between Australia and UK regularly).

If your network connection is not powerful enough, the worst case is, we can still use it but may have a typing session only, instead of a full video/audio session.

This will be a slower process and we may need to ask you to followup and send us picture taken with your webcam for things like iridology (study of the eyes).

Anecita is expert in iridology and has re-diagnosed several people (one came to us seeking depression relief but by studying his eyes, with clues showing around his retinas, Anecita re-diagosed him as in need of  a thorough detox -  the accumulated toxins in his body were his real problem, not depression).